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Winr Risk Management System is a service that is your one-stop solution to Avoid BIG Losses caused by emotional trading decisions taken by traders due to fear, greed, and denial of losses which turns into bigger losses. Our motto is to help traders, whether new or experienced, to help control their losses. Most traders get into FIGHT OR FLIGHT mode when they are at a loss more significant than they expected because they did not calculate and accept that risk which forces them to make irrational decisions such as:

*Removing their stop loss further or removing the stop loss altogether
*Adding more quantity to their losing trade to average down in their favor
*Getting hopeful is not a trading strategy and usually get disappointed by massive losses.
If someone did get lucky because the market moved in their favor, there will be one day it won't reverse and that * massive loss will be awaiting them to blow up their entire capital in one day.

Our Founder Fahed Sheikh who has been through similar situations realized no matter how good one might be at chart reading and finding trades if one cannot deal with losses the right way, they will often be welcomed by big losses due to human emotions and ego which are inevitable since we are humans.

Humans have the tendency to feel they are right and trading requires us to admit we are wrong, the earlier the better. That one time when you don't admit and market trends against you, it can lead to disastrous losses and your only option is to pray.


Winr Risk Management System is here to protect you from BIG losses 

Our Risk management team will be having surveillance of your MTM/PNL during  market and ensure you don't cross the limits set by you: 

4-6% drawdown (defensive) 
8-10% drawdown (aggressive) 

The 2% difference has been kept as a buffer keeping in mind the slippage and volatility of any given trading instrument.
For example, you are trading with a capital of 5 lakh rupees and you chose the Defensive risk appetite (4-6%). When your MTM/PNL crosses the 4% mark of your 5 lakh rupee capital in the negative i.e= 20,000 Loss.
Risk Management Team will square off your position and your trading will be stopped for that day as you have exceeded the loss you agreed to.
On the other hand, if you agreed to go ahead with the Aggressive Risk, our team will not square off your position unless your MTM/PNL has crossed 8% Loss from the opening capital of that day.

Please note: You can switch your risk appetite from aggressive to defensive or from defensive to aggressive only end at the end of the week, the request has to be mailed/ messaged to us and the same shall be applied from the coming week Monday.