Invest in Foreign Shares with Singapore’s No.1 Full Service Broker!

Have you ever thought of diversifying your portfolio into foreign shares and investing in popular markets such as the US and Hong Kong Market? Introducing Singapore’s No.1 Full-Service broker, POEMS by PhillipCapital Singapore.

Phillip Online Electronic Mart System (POEMS) is an online trading platform by PhillipCapital who is highly reputable and known amongst the locals.

POEMS by Phillip Capital

POEMS offers a single account to trade over 40,000 products including Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Unit Trusts, and access to 26 global stock exchanges including popular markets such as the US, Japan, Hong Kong, and more.

With multiple platforms such as POEMS 2.0 (desktop version), POEMS Mobile 2.0, POEMS Pro (application system) that is rich in trading tools, POEMS is a multi-asset, multi-market platform that caters to the needs of both traders and investors. POEMS also serves as a multi-currency platform with their live currency conversion that allows clients to convert their currency and settle their trades in 10 different currencies!

When it comes to foreign investments, customer support is essential. Every POEMS account is assigned to a dedicated Equity Specialist to guide you through your investing journey. They are available to contact round-the-clock when global markets are trading and you can even WhatsApp their Equity Specialists for any immediate queries! 

POEMS also has a team of Equity Analysts that regularly share stock ideas and timely reports that can assist you in your investing journey. POEMS also has regular free webinars and informative market journals for every investor’s educational needs. We have also just launched our Technical Analysis Telegram group which you can join here!

What is PhillipCapital/POEMS? Is it Safe?

Phllips capital Poems singapore

PhillipCapital is an integrated Asian financial house with a growing global presence using information technology and distribution as our core competencies in the provision of financial services. They have been operating since 1975 as a local trusted Partner in Finance in 15 countries with their clients for more than 45 years, holding licenses all over the world, including securities and futures trading and clearing, insurance, fund management, banking, etc. 

Singapore is the top three financial hubs in the world, after London and New York.  It recently overtook Hong Kong as the top financial hub in Asia. Singapore has a reputation for strong economic fundamentals, sound economic policies, and a sophisticated financial oversight framework by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). PhillipCapital is licensed by MAS and furthermore, Singapore is easily accessible from India.  

Additionally, another benefit for investing in Singapore is that there is no capital gain and dividend tax over investing in financial products. This means that the full investment profit will go back to you with no additional charges.

What are the Benefits of POEMS?

Cash Plus Account offered by POEMS by PhillipCapital allows trading 12 global exchanges with low brokerage rates. Here are a best benefits of opening your account with POEMS:

1. Low commission rates

Among the top three popular markets: Singapore (SG), United States (US), and Honk Kong (HK)- Invest at low rates! Start trading US Equities from USD 1.88 flat! Here are the rates to invest in these three markets:

poems brokerage charges

Moreover, the rates apply to the net asset value in the account. The higher your net asset value, the lower the rates! 

2. Multi-Currency Facility

Cash Plus Account allows you to settle trades with 10 different currencies – SGD, USD, HKD, AUD, MYR, JPY, GBP, EUR, CNY, CAD. With live currency conversion, you can convert your currencies at competitive exchange rates. 

3. No US and HK Custody Fee. No Platform Fee

Unlike other brokers, there is no US and HK Custody Fee and no Platform Fee. Trading US Equities at USD 1.88 Flat means you only pay USD 1.88 for a commission per trade which includes buy/sell transactions.

4. Park your idle cash into Excess Fund Management Facility

Even if your cash is not invested, you will earn some return through Excess Fund Management Facility.  Let your money work for you as you patiently time your entry into the markets! 

poems account opening charges

How do I open an Account with POEMS?

If you are looking for a full-service broker that offers foreign shares and low brokerage rates, POEMS by PhillipCapital might just be the one for you! With more than 45 years of experience in Singapore, you can rest assured as you keep your funds invested in security.

Interested in opening an account with POEMS? Here’s a list of what you need to get started:

  1. Your passport with at least 6 months validity

  2. Supporting documents for residential address issued within the last 3 months:

  3. Telephone bills/ Utility bills / Bank statements

  4. Statement from any Financial Institutions in your country OR

  5. Correspondence from any government bodies in your country

  6. Image of Specimen Signature

  7. A device with a working webcam/camera

open demat at trading account at 5paisa

Once you have everything ready, click here to sign up online for a Cash Plus account! The process is seamless and easy and can be done quickly! What are you waiting for? Open a POEMS account now! 

DISCLAIMER: This is a company sponsored post. No Trade Brains Analysts is involved in the creation of this content.

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