Trade Brains Portal – How to use for Stock Research?

Hi Investors & Traders. Hope you are well and safe. It’s been a journey of over three years since we started our journey to simplify stock market investing. And as a new milestone, we recently launched a few exciting features on our stock research website “Trade Brains Portal“. Through this article, we are happy to share the same with you.

What is Trade Brains?

Our bootstrapped fintech startup, Trade Brains, is simply focused to simplify Stock Market Research to help people invest better by providing all essential knowledge and tools! The basic idea behind Trade brains is to give new and existing investors a platform through which they can enhance and update their knowledge in the world of Investment on a continuous basis.

We recently launched a financial Portal to make Stock Market Research, even more, simpler for new Investors. Through this new platform, we are trying to challenge the rigidity of Bloomberg and other traditional financial terminals to make stock analysis easy and affordable for all.

Our portal has financial data and stock quotes of over 4,000 Public companies listed on Indian Stock Exchanges. In addition, we offer many key features like complete fundamental analysis with simple visualizations, creating multiple watchlists and stock comparison, super investor tracking, etc. We are building this product to make the stock market journey of new investors easier while analyzing companies.

Now, let us understand the latest offering by Trade brains:

Trade Brains Stock Research Portal

The real motivation behind creating this portal was to solve the ever persisting problem of having a dedicated place where the stock research and analysis can be done. Therefore, through this portal, we have created an environment whereby which, the investors can come and complete their stock research and analysis on one single platform.

All the facts and information about more than 4,000 companies listed in the stock exchange (NSE and BSE) are available at the click of a single button. There are other dedicated features like stock Screeners, Compare multiple stocks at one screen, Multiple watch lists, various Stock Baskets, and Bundles, Superstar traders portfolio, Financial Blogs, etc.

How Trade Brains Portal can help You?

Here are a few key features that we have focussed on that can help new and existing stock market participants to make better investment decisions.

— Complete Stock Research & Fundamental Analysis

Through this portal, we have a unique feature whereby which we can do a complete stock analysis with a single click. We just need to plug in the name of stock for which we want to do investment analysis. And all the information which are of help for making investment decision are flashed on the screen.

For example, if you are looking to perform investment research of say, Reliance industries, you just need to put in the keyword and all the information is available there.

trade brains portal

And, on the next page, we get all the information we seek for making the investment decision like key metrics, price charts, financial ratios, etc.

In addition, you can also find the last five years of financial data for Profit and loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement, Shareholding pattern, and more on the same page.

Now, if you look at all the images above, we get information about the current price of the share, market capitalization, various valuation parameters, growth parameters, profitability parameters, leverage and liquidity parameters, all the financial statements (cash flow statement, income statement, quarterly statements, balance sheet, annual reports, etc.). In short, Trade Brains Portal becomes a one-point solution for all the investment research.

Stock Screener

As the name suggests, through this feature, we can scan and shortlist the stocks which fit our investment style and the various parameters we choose while making an investment decision. The main advantage of this feature is that, rather than going through each and every share and testing the set parameters, we can just set in the parameters, and the rest of the work is done with the help of algorithm designed filters.

Currently, we have launched a simple stock screener. However, we are working on an advanced stock screener on Trade Brains Portal which will be launched soon.

— Watch list

This feature is very crucial for the investors who are willing to invest and also have a watch list of the stocks which they want to keep an eye on. Therefore, as and when the share prices reach the desired levels, alerts are received and one can initiate trades. This portal allows you the option of having multiple watch-list, so one can have different sets of watch-lists with different objectives.

— Compare Stocks

This feature is very exclusive and one of its kind in the stock research eco-system. Through this feature, we can compare stocks within the same industry or within stocks from different industries. This feature allows us to compare up to 5 stocks at one time.

The main benefit of this feature is that it saves a lot of time for the investors. Rather than researching individual stocks, we can research multiple stocks at the same time. And it makes investment decisions easier because of the presence of the factor of comparative study.

Stock Buckets

With a collection of over 50 buckets, it is safe to say that the investors are spoilt for choice. These buckets are designed with various themes, sectors, investors, etc. in mind.

1) To cater to theme-based profiling we have various bundles like Infrastructure, Rural, Housing, Transportation, Healthcare, Chemicals, etc. These buckets will help you find the hidden gems in the fast-growing themes in India.

2) To cater to Sector-based profiling, we have various bundles like the Banking sector, IT sector, Metals, Auto, Consumer packaged sector, etc.

3) Next, we have a separate section for showing the various businesses of big business names (Ambanis, TATA’s, Wadia’s, RPG group, Hinduja Group, Vedanta group, etc.) which are listed on the stock exchange.

4) Finally, the fourth list includes all the investors who are a part of the big boys club. These are ace investors (Rakesh Jhunjhuwala, Radhakrishna Damani, Dolly Khanna, Ashish Kacholia, etc) in the market. Complete details about their portfolios are available on our website.

Before Parting: Some Other Wings of Trade Brains

— Trade Brains Website

Through this wing, we aim to provide basic investor education by publishing articles on regular basis. We have over 500 articles published on Trade Brains. The articles cater to both Financial and Non-Financial sectors. We also have a series of infographics giving information about the various companies and brands and what businesses do they foray in.

Also on this website, we have different financial calculators like the SIP calculators, Intrinsic value calculators. And, also on this website, we have our discussion forum, via which we have regular discussions with our regular subscribers on various stock market-related topics.

This website is best suited for investors or traders who are willing to learn the mechanics of investing and trading. We have dedicated courses on value investing, how to pick the winning stocks, mutual fund investments, Understanding financial statements, Options trains, technical analysis for beginners, etc. Therefore, for a new/experienced investor/trader, this website understands and solves the various investment-related issues.

Closing Thoughts

If you are someone who is on the lookout for a portal that solves all the problems of stock research and analysis then this portal will go a long way in answering your investment queries. Stock screeners, watchlist, stock comparison, superstar portfolios, etc are some of the new and exclusive features of our portal.

Anyways, Blogs and Academy are some of the important wings of Trade brains. we aim to provide continuous education and update our viewer with the regular and latest information. Have a great day ahead. Happy Investing & Money Making !!

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