Trade Smart Online Review – Discount Demat Trading Account

Trade smart online is a Mumbai, India based discount broker good for traders and investors looking for low brokerages, high margins, and a fast trading platform.

Unlike most discount brokers, Trade smart online is not a recent setup. It is a part +25 years old VNS Finance & Capital Limited, which is a traditional broker in India. Trade smart online offers brokerage services in stock, futures & options, commodity, and currency trading segments.

This discount broker offers a flat brokerage of Rs 15 per trade irrespective of the trading volume in its ‘Value’ trading plan. Further, it also proposes a ‘Power’ trading plan with a brokerage of 0.007% on the transaction, which is suitable for the small volume traders. Here, you may pay brokerage as low as 1 paisa per trade. Overall, by opting for this plan, you can save a lot of brokerage charges if you’re a high-volume trader.

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Special Offer:

Right now, Trade Smart Online has partnered with us and hence, Trade Brains’ readers can open their trading and demat account with TSO for FREE (100% waiver on the account opening charges).

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Table of Content

  1. Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges

  2. Trade Smart Online Brokerage comparison

  3. Account Opening charges and AMC for Trade Smart Online

  4. Trade Smart Online Trading Platforms

  5. Trade Smart Online Margin/Leverage/Exposure

  6. Pros and Cons of Trade Smart Online

  7. How to open an account with Trade Smart Online?

  8. Closing Thoughts

Trade Smart Online Review – Discount Demat Trading Account

Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges

Trade Smart Online offers two brokerage options for the clients 1) Value trading plan and 2) Power Trading plan. You can choose the plan whichever suits you the best depending on your trading objectives:Value Trading PlanPower Trading PlanBrokerage0.007% on the transactionFlat Rs 15 Per OrderSuitable forSmall Volume TradersLarge Volume Traders

Note: Call & trade service is also available at Rs. 20 per executed trade plus the brokerage charges.

Comparison of brokerage charges:

Assume that you do 15 trades per month with a minimum monthly trading transaction of Rs 10,00,000. Here, your total number of monthly trades will be 30, considering both buying and selling sides.

Let us compare the Trade smart online brokerage with ICICI direct, a full-service broker and Zerodha, the discount broker.

Comparison with ICICI Direct, a full-service broker:

ICICI Direct charges 0.275% on each side of transaction i.e. while buying and selling for Intraday trades. There, the total brokerage charge for both side of the transaction will be 0.275% *2 = 0.55%.

Your total annual brokerage while trading with ICICI direct will be equal to:

0.55% * 10,00,000 * 12 months = Rs 66,000

Comparison with Zerodha, a discount broker:

Zerodha offers a flat charge of Rs 20 per transaction on intraday trades. For a total of 30 trades per month, your annual brokerage while trading with Zerodha will be:

30 trades * Rs 20 per trade * 12 months = Rs 7,200

Now finally, let’s calculate your annual brokerage with Trade Smart Online trading platform.

For the power trading plan with Trade smart online, you have to pay a flat charge of Rs 15 per trade as brokerage. Hence, your total annual brokerage charges while trading with Trade Smart Online will be:

30 Trades * Rs 15 per trade * 12 months = Rs 5,400

Clearly, you can notice that you can save a lot of brokerages while trading with Trade Smart online compared to a full-service broker like ICICI direct or even compared to discount brokers like Zerodha.

Note: You can further compare Trade Smart Online with other brokers on this page.

Trade Smart Online Account Opening Charges & Maintenance Charges

Here are the account opening charges and annual maintenance charges (AMC) for the Trade Smart Online customers:

  1. TSO Demat and Trading Opening Charge – Rs. 400

  2. TSO Annual Maintenance Charges – First year FREE, Rs. 300 +GST (Second Years Onwards)

Can you get a Waiver on TSO Account Opening Charges?

Right now, Trade Smart Online is offering a flat 100% off on the Account Opening Charges for the Trade Brains’ readers. You can open your FREE Trade Smart Online account by clicking this link.

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Trade Smart Online Margin / TSO Leverage/ Exposure

TSO offers an intraday exposure of up to 30x on Equities, 7x on F & O, 3x on Currency and 6x on Commodities. Here is the Segment Wise Intraday exposure offered by Trade Smart Online:ParticularsIntradayOvernight (CNC)MISCOBOEquity/Index futures3X7X7X1XEquity/Index Options writing (selling)3X7X7X1XEquity/Index Options buying1X1X1X1XCurrency futures3X3X*3X*1XCurrency Options writing3xNANA1XCurrency Options buying1XNANA1XMCX Futures2X6X6X1XMCX OptionsNANANA1X**NSE Cashupto 10X30X30X1XBSE Cashupto 10XNANA1X

You can read more about TSO exposure here.

Pros and Cons of Trade Smart Online Broker:

Advantages of Trade Smart Online:

  1. Flexible brokerage plans. Traders can choose the brokerage plan depending on their trading preference.

  2. Brokerage calculator for forecasting and planning brokerages (Check here).

  3. High margin for trading.

  4. Excellent customer service from support desk through phone, live chat, and email ticketing.

  5. Margin against available shares in demat account

  6. No Minimum Commitment

  7. 100% Waiver on the Account Opening Charges

Cons of Trade Smart Online broker:

  1. No 3-in-1 account available

  2. Call and trade at Rs 20 per executed trade (plus brokerage)

Trade Smart Online Trading Platforms

— SINE Trading App:

SINE trade smart online trading app

Available on both Android and iPhone, SINE is the trading app offered by Trade Smart Online which is used to trade in Cash, Futures, and Options, Currency Derivatives and Commodities on all the major exchanges in India (NSE, BSE, MCX).

Using the app, you can easily monitor your positions, holdings, orders, trading balance & more. A few of the other best features offered by Sine app are Market scanners, Strategies, Market Analytics, Market Watch, Index Watch, and advanced trading tools including technical indicators like MACD, Moving Avg, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, etc.

In addition, SINE app also provides after-market order trades, corporate action details, options calculator and more.

— NEST Trader:

NEST Trader offers professional online trading tools and charts for multiple segment trading across several exchanges including NSE, BSE & MCX. It allows a trader to place trades in different exchanges using a single interface, view market data for scrips and provides useful add-on tools to receive alerts, send internal messages, etc. NEST Trader also offers Instant Fund transfer through 26 banks to the traders.


Sine web is a browser-based trading application with all the features of the SINE app. Supported by all standard web browsers, you can quickly log-in to the SINE web portal and enjoy all the features of online share trading without the need of downloading any software.

Sine web trade smart online

How to Open Brokerage Account with Trade Smart Online?

The account opening process of Trade smart online is very fast, paperless and hassle-free. You can open your TSO demat and trading account online within an hour if you’ve soft copies of all the required documents available.

Here are the documents required to open your account with Trade Smart Online:

  1. PAN Card

  2. Aadhaar Card

  3. Canceled cheque/Bank statement

  4. Passport size photos

You can open your Trade Smart Online account by clicking this link.

Note: If you are choosing an offline method to apply, you can download the forms here. If all your documents are as per the KYC norms, it might take up to 48 hours to generate your trading login id and password and send to you– after receiving your account opening form.

Further, you need to sign and send PoA (Power of Attorney) letter by courier to the TSO office later once your account is active. This process is similar in any other broker that you choose to open your brokerage account.


Closing Thoughts:

Trade Smart Online offers a low brokerage plan with high margins. What’s the best about TSO is the flexibility in choosing your brokerage plan and fast account opening process. If you are looking for an easy-to-setup and cheap brokerage trading platform, you should go with Trade Smart Online.

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